WeMax Mediterranean White Salt Stone

WeMax Mediterranean White Salt Stone

The Mediterranean salt is white, brilliant and balanced, naturally harvested in spectacular saline on the coastline, where the sun and sea breeze ensure its pure and perfect evaporation, providing an exotic and pleasant flavor to your food.

The salt stone adds the optimal amount of salt for itself, it can be used as cooking utensil for different types of foods (meat, fish and vegetables), it contributes to get properties and essential trace element characteristics of the salt that are basic for the human beings. The bioelements interact in the metabolic processes and help to restore the natural balance of your body to enjoy a good health.

Salted to taste

Excellent amount of salt.

Without smoke

Use it everywhere, it doesn't make smoke.

3 in 1

Multipurpose: griddle, dish and seasoner.


Power & Emphasizes the natural food flavors.

Healthly & natural

Minerals and trace elements.


Revolution your cooking and taste.


An ideal gift.


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