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Establishments engaged in the restoration must constantly reinvent themselves to attract new customers, and meet the increasingly stringent demands.

WeMax offers to you

Without investing

No need to invest in the acquisition of expensive specialized kitchen equipment, equally it is not necessary a specific personal training .

Reinvent your menu

Offer a new and innovative menu to their customers.

Diversify your business

New customers with different tastes and interests will help you to diversify your customer base.

Increase your sales

Adopting a revolutionary new product is caudal to attract new customers to your establishment.



Today distributors face an important task, offer a new and innovative products to your customers is the clue in their trade relations.

WeMax offers to you

Exceptional conditions

Take profit from our volume purchase conditions of wholesale channel.


Include an innovative product in your catalog.


Offer to your customers a recurring purchase product.

New clients

Expand your client portfolio with our revolutionary product.

Professional Channel

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